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We understand it’s not enough to simply say we are sustainable; we must be able to prove it by setting the right goals and transparently reporting our progress toward meeting them.

Our company has undergone a tremendous amount of change since we first adopted a comprehensive sustainability strategy in 2010. Since then, we have refreshed and simplified these goals to align with our new company vision and our current company structure.

Today, we are focused on three core areas of sustainability: producing great financial results, creating a great place to work for our employees and being great environmental stewards. 

Produce Great Financial Results   
Outperform competitors for each business

EBITDA margin

#1 or #2 in Timberlands (EBITDA/acre) and
Wood Products (EBITDA)

On track

Create a Great Place to Work   
Be injury-free

Number of severe incidents
Number of hazards found and fixed


On track
Develop a strong bench of leaders Improve ratio of ready-now candidates for critical positions Met or exceeded ratio of ready-now candidates as reported in internal succession plans Achieves
Be Great Environmental Stewards   
Certify timberlands to third-party sustainable forestry standards

100 percent of timberlands portfolio certified to Sustainable Forestry Initiative's Forest Management Standard

100 percent certified


Recognize the additional benefits of our forests, beyond the trees Measure, and share publicly, a set of ecosystem services provided by our timberlands Data published on website Achieves
Do our part to help address climate change Support and publicize the use of wood products as a carbon storage and lower embodied emissions solution Wood products produced last year stored 9 million metric tons of CO2e

On track

Reduce absolute (total) greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 2000 baseline

53 percent reduction


Improve our energy efficiency Improve energy efficiency (MMBTU per unit of production) by 25 percent from 2009 baseline

15 percent improvement

On track

Reduce waste sent to landfills Establish a reliable 5-year trend of tons per unit of production to set a value-added goal Collected three years of consistent data to establish a reliable five-year trend On track